In February, the month of LOVE, we gathered a crew of Legends together with the one and only, Donnel Garcia. This shoot not only nodded to a reference dear to us but also provided an opportunity for Legends to gather at Alterior Design.

(payed homage to a ref not only dear to us but also dear to Donnel)

origin unknown
Donnel Garcia

The original image on the left planted a seed last year when Donnel initially shot Jomar. Inspired by moments of focus, calculation and contemplating one’s next move, we asked him to help recreate this for the Legend’s roster.

We’d like to take this opportunity to reintroduce some of the amazing Legends who participated in this project, and wanted to know what moments of contemplation look like for them.


Growing up, I split my time between Toronto, L.A. and Vancouver. My upbringing encouraged me to be a creative from a young age. Immediately out of high school, I started working within the film/television industry in Vancouver. Being on camera naturally led me to modelling and has given me the opportunity to artistically express myself and explore the fashion world. I’ve always had a passion for clothes and working with cameras comes naturally. Even when I’m not on camera, I’m never too far from a set. I’ve begun styling and shooting my own creative projects with Legend’s Café.

Contemplation feels like the places in my life I want to take little mental pictures of. From sitting on the sand by the water, to surrounded by people in a city. I think about the the beautiful little memories I choose, which ones stand out no matter how small.


Hello! My name is Nic and I was born and raised in East Vancouver BC. I find myself truly happiest when I’m outdoors, whether it be running and cycling in the summer or skiing and snowshoeing in the winter. I love dim sum, sushi, and chocolate. I love late nights and early mornings, but I can’t stand a day without coffee. One day I hope to bike pack with my mom, it doesn’t matter where to or how far, but I cherish our time together the most.

Contemplation for me isn’t in a serene or outdoorsy setting. It’s when I’m on autopilot, doing mundane tasks in everyday places. If I’ve cooked breakfast without realizing I’ve cooked breakfast, it’s because I was cooking something in my brain. I can’t contemplate in spaces I’m not super familiar with. I think it’s because my senses are easily distracted from the contemplation at hand.


Nomadic, sporadic, and occasionally manic. I was born and raised in Vancouver and awkwardly sprouted to 6’ stature in my early teens. Although my height never defined me, there’s no doubt it molded, or better yet, modelled me. As I hope with everyone, I have an ever-changing self definition, but a few things forever run true: avid animal lover, ferocious reader, eager experience seeker. Unintentionally on the journey to be a jack of all trades and master of none, but as they say… better than a master of one.

In a world designed to distract, I contemplate on how to cut the noise so I can make space to contemplate further, deeper. Walking a fine line from rumination, I fail as often as I succeed. Nonetheless, there I will be, walking my dog every morning, shepherded out of bed to face the world and my thoughts.


Hi!! My names Kara, I’m 23 years old and I love all things art! Some of my fave things to do outside of modelling are playing the piano, reading, drawing, and painting. I have a hugeee love for animals of all kinds too but I especially love my little black cat, Lua, she means the world to me^•.•^ I’m currently in university studying design and visual communications, and I work as a barista at a coffee shop!

One of the best ways for me to organize my thoughts and contemplate, is by writing in my journal. I’ve always found that when I’m really worked up, anxious, or just can’t stop thinking of something, the best thing for me to do is just write it out.


Tân’si, hello my name is Mathew Delorme-King. I was born and raised in “edmonton, alberta” Treaty Six territory, the traditional and ancestral territory of the Cree, Dene, Blackfoot, Saulteaux and Nakota Sioux. My paternal family is Woodland Cree/Red River Métis, and my maternal family is Ukrainian. I’ve been in so called “vancouver” for 4 years. Since moving I’ve had the honour and opportunity to create a strong sense of community through skateboarding, culture and nonprofit work. I am a recent graduate from Native Education College, completing the Family and Community Counselling course. As a former youth in care, I hold my experiences close and hope to help inspire other Indigenous youth.

Contemplation for me looks like deep, intentional examination of all and every option, choice or decision. Analyzing multiple paths and where they may lead to. Often, I run multiple scenarios over in my head trying to balance what my heart and mind feels is right. When I feel a dire need for answers or help, I will intentionally ground myself in nature, our greatest teacher. Personally, I feel most confident making decisions based of how my spirit feels. If it’s something I’m contemplating continuously… it’s often worth venturing further.


I’m Atlas. I’m Turkish Canadian, was born in Istanbul Turkey and grew up in Toronto. Fact about me, I was named after a book. I’m an actress and that’s what I spend most of my time working on, but if I’m not doing that I can be found reading a lot, pilates, practising my guitar/piano, film photography, and I’m also really passionate about food/cooking and travel.

Contemplation to me looks like some form of meditation, usually a good long walk with music. most likely by the water or in nature. I feel the most clear by the sea.


hey, I’m mic! i am constantly balancing between the worlds of art and science. medical laboratory science and contemporary dance is mostly what you can find me doing. when in times of contemplation i find i spend hours and hours listening to music. i try to remind myself that not all my thoughts are facts and emotions can run through me, not become me. the best way to process thoughts for myself is through movement.


Hi all! My name is Liam and I am a Varsity runner and student at UBC here in Vancouver, BC. I grew up on Vancouver Island in Victoria and have been running competitively for about 10 years. I find that a lot of my best ideas come to fruition during my runs, especially in the trails. While running has been a way for me to push myself and compete against other amazing athletes, it has also been meditative for me. The sport not only pushes me physically, but also helps me mentally by allowing me to get into a flow-state and work through all the other things I have going on in my life.


An avid reader, I spend my time finding compelling books about food, poetry, magic, and life. I studied pottery and still love the challenge of making identical mugs and bowls. One of my all time favourite hobbies though is growing plants. I have a real green thumb and I’m always so energized in the spring thinking of what plants I’ll get to tend.

Contemplation is a constant! I’m often exploring the meaning of things, the impact of things, the morality of things. I find quiet moments at the wheel, in gardens, in the shower, while swimming in rivers to get lost in thought.


I am Lincoln Woo (he/they), a Chinese-Canadian talent thriving at the intersection of music and modeling. Since being scouted by Legends Cafe in 2018, I’ve had the fortune to delve into the worlds of product design, marketing, and photography. These experiences have not only broadened my understanding but also deepened my appreciation for the craftsmanship, creativity, and forward-thinking that propel our industry forward. Beyond modeling, I am a professional musician, self-taught across a wide array of instruments, and skilled in songwriting, recording, production, and mixing. My music serves as a personal exploration of identity, ideas, and artistic expression. Both my modeling and music careers reflect my commitment to expressing my unique perspective and sharing my vision with the world. I am eagerly looking forward to collaborating with visionary brands and creators who aim to make a meaningful impact through their work.

Contemplation for me unfolds as an active, creative exploration, led by intuition. Engaging with music—whether through playing instruments, delving into new melodies, or navigating production techniques—allows me to utilize my gut instinct, guiding me beyond the reach of conventional thinking. Often, when my thoughts become overwhelming, it’s this instinctual engagement, whether in music or physical activity, that acts as a beacon of calm and clarity. It becomes a form of mindfulness, sometimes unconsciously so.

This process deepens my connection with myself and my artistic expression. Moments of unfiltered creativity reveal unique perspectives and ideas, emphasizing intuition as a potent form of contemplation. It unlocks thoughts and creativity inaccessible to logic, highlighting the vital role of instinct in the artistic journey.


My name is Bella, I’m 24 years old and I’m an aquarius.

I was born and raised here in Vancouver but my family is from the Philippines. I’m a full time nursing student and love to model on the side. In my free time, I enjoy snowboarding, working out, reading, and going out to eat with friends. My favourite food right now is definitely hotpot or just anything with noodles and soup!


Lucas is currently in Argentina being fabulous, and cannot come to the phone.


Sam is too busy contemplating and playing to speak on the subject at the moment!


Yaw is booked, busy, and beautiful and can’t respond to the media at this time.


Jerome is currently on top of a mountain and/or on a boat and cannot come to the phone right now!

All of this is to say we are focused on our own future moves and growing alongside our wonderful community this year and for years to come.


Legend’s Café

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