Let's Talk About Us

Legends Café is a talent and casting agency. We hope to be the connection between talent and brand or project. We are here to ethically curate a selection of people, talent, models, and special humans to take your project’s humanity and storytelling to the next level. 



Legends Café wants to help you find the right humans to tell your story. Whether you would like a comprehensive casting day with tens or hundreds of options, or a package of suggestions to get your project started, we have the ability, network and database to service your needs. We dig deep through street casting, online casting, agency community and our library of talent to give you lots of options.


Legends Café commits to representing folks and assisting them in navigating the talent and fashion industry in BC and Canada in an ethical and safe way. From advising them on collaborations to getting them paid up on time, we have our talents back.


Legends Café also offers production services in the fashion and commercial industry. Sometimes clients reach out for casting and additionally need photographers, location scouting, styling, and project management for their productions. Because of our wide reach, we can facilitate services in all prongs of production and creation.

"Legends Café is a fantastic talent resource for the best talent in Vancouver. Working with Mila is easy and makes my job a lot easier!"

Robyn Farnham, freelance producer at SAXX and LULULEMON

"As a newcomer Legends Café has always made me feel confident & safe in an industry that can def seem intimidating at first. The agency prioritizes inclusivity and genuinely makes sure everyone is represented & respected <3 My experience with Mila always feels easy going & personalized, and I’m stoked to be a part of an agency that I really align with! :)"

Sam, Legends Café model

"Legends Café handled our monster of a casting request with a tonne of hard work and attention to detail. What we liked about Legends is not only their ability to get options from traditional talent agencies, but the access to street casting and some new and fresh faces specifically required for our campaign. They processed over a thousand people for us - with specific assets required for our project - in a week and organized everything with contact sheets so it was easy to review. We would definitely use Legends for our next project big or small!"

Amy Jones, producer

"Mila works hard for her talent and is always such an encouraging light. Working with her has been a dream; she’s easy to communicate with and transparent at every step. Really grateful for legends cafe!"

Sooah, free lance model now signed with Reel Athletes

“Mila exhibits an effortless leadership quality. No question is too stupid, no concern is too small. I’ve only had a positive experience working with Legends Cafe” : )

Zane, new model w Legends Café

"Legends Café is a great place to meet people. The staff is friendly and the vibe is just right."

sean frith, producer

"I joined Legends Café back in the beginning because I knew Mila actually cared, and she has shown me that she cares every day when we work together. The open conversations we're able to have are part of why this community works so well!"

Charlie, friend to Legends Café

"Legends Café delivers impeccable service and is an absolute pleasure to collaborate with. Their community of models is amazing. Lead by Mila, who continues to strive to create impactful work and genuine relationships."

Jomar Victoria, photographer

"Legends offers an extremely refreshing and unique pool of talent. In an industry that often feels dominated by homegonous options, Legends breaks the mold and sets a new, much higher bar."

Kevan Funk, Director


Mila Franovic grew up in Belgrade, Serbia and immigrated to Canada on a plane playing tetris at 9, in 1994. After delivering a ton of newspapers, staying up till 4am with her dad learning math and tossing 100 pizzas, Mila produced her first photoshoot at 17 years old. In the basement of her families home in burnaby, she sewed the clothes, hired the models, built the set, took the photos, directed the posing, collaged the photos and laid the photoshoot out. After meeting and working with a lot of local and international creatives, and being involved in fashion and art for the past decade (and a half), Mila found that casting, helping people navigate the space and creating a community is was what she wanted to do most.

Legends Café Manifesto

  1. have fun
  2. be kind
  3. help each other make some cash
  4. prioritize community
  5. share knowlege
  6. do no harm
  7. treat each other equally
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