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*** project closing today at 8pm ***
*** if you have not sent in your content or application form please do that ASAP ***
*** use wetranfer to send your content *** 

*** APPLY WITH A FRIEND it will give you better chances ***

We looking for a few people that are comfortable doing one or more winter sports together.

The apparel collection embodies a young creative generation equally balanced between nature and the city where style and activity go hand in hand. Creative individuals that ideally have a connection to and comfort level in an outdoor winter landscape. A background in winter mountain sports (ie. skiing, snowboarding, x country skii),  mountain sports (ie. climbing, trail running, mountain biking etc.) or urban sports (ie. skateboarding, bmx etc.) is preferred. It is key that they are comfortable moving in an outdoor space but not crucial that they practice a sport that would occur on the top of a mountain.

The client is a local + established technical apparel brand. The photoshoot will be less about the technical aspects of the apparel and more about the group that embodies this lifestyle.

age 20-35
size xs-medium top
size 27-33 waist
height 5’8 -6’2 (no strict)
talent from british columbia only that are willing to pay/do their own travel

TALENT RATE: $1600 + %20 af

USAGE: 6-12 months

We are ideally looking for 2 or 3 people that know each other.

Apply as a duo and send us the following content in a WETRANFER folder to mila@legends.cafe
*** name the folder your both full names
*** if there is three ppl in your crew then send all three peoples content via this WETRANSFER folder

SUBJECT of email:
PROJECT ICE: person 1 name + person 2 name
include 3 digital photos (of each person) taken in the last few days and an intro video (of each person)
– portrait neutral expression
– portrait smiling
– full body photo in a tshirt, jeans, and flat shoes
– no hats, no makeup, no jewelry, no logos on clothing, no vnecks,hair down
in the video say your name, age, agency(if you have) and tell us about your winter lifestyle, what winter sports do you enjoy, who do you go with, and anything else you want us to know.

The below application will accommodate for two ppl to apply together, but if you want another person to apply with you then include their info in a direct email to us.

ie: MILA + JANE roomates
no worries if you do not have an agency or agent
Its perfectly fine if you are not 🙂
ie: skiing, snowboarding, ice climbing, hiking, skating, ice skating, etc
ie: skiing, snowboarding, ice climbing, hiking, skating, ice skating, etc

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