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We are looking for folks that would like to change/style/color their hair and model for a hair salon.

Pay is $150/h for the photoshoot and hair prep.
Hair prep day is March 13
*this is also a $300-$700 service – but talent will be paid hourly
Photoshoot day is March 19 for 2 hours

Deadline to apply is March 10th at 8am, but please apply asap for quicker review!!!!

You only need to attach 2 photos to the application!
1 – selfie in natural light * no filters *
2 – full body selfie/recent photo showing yourself from head to toe!

thank you!!!

are you signed with an agency?
if not, don’t worry about this field
if not, don’t worry about this field
if not, dont worry about this field
measure the circumference of the widest part of your chest
pants you buy at the store
is there anything else you would like us to know about your measurments?
are you new to modelling/ do you have experience?
please describe your hair color history/chemical services over the last 5 years
what are your comfort levels with changing your hair?
what are your specific preferences with changing your hair rn?
likes/dislikes or hard-no’s
any styles you’re hoping for


* hack * take a screengrab of the photos and upload the screen grab instead of the full resolution*
1 – selfie
2 – full body photo

— please wear minimal makeup
— take these in natural light


– do not attach live photos
– med res jpgs are best
– if the submission is glitching please email photos directly instead of attaching
– to mila@legends.cafe
– your full name as the SUBJECT

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