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We are casting hijab wearing female talent that practices any of the following fitness types: weight training, heavy lifting, body weight or any circut training, hiit etc

All levels welcome to apply, specify in the application your level of practice.

Shoot day: one day between april 25-29
Rate: $2500 for a 10 hour max day
Usage: 12 months online and in store

deadline: april 6th 10 am

The photoshoot is to show talent working out in a hijab that this brand is releasing.

If the photo attachment glitches please email us: mila@legends.cafe
subject: PROJECT TRAIN your full name

thank you so much!

measure the circumference of your neck
measure the circumference of the widest part of your chest
measure the circumference of your waist at your bellybutton
size of pants you buy at the store 🙂
if you dont know please go to a store and try some on 🙂


* hack * take a screengrab of the photos and upload the screen grab instead of the full resolution*
– Smiling portrait, neutral portrait, and profile
– Full body shot front, side and back
– athletic top and pants/tights
– Natural makeup
– Hair down
– No hats/no jewelry
– Natural light
– Plain background
– Any camera is fine, no professional shots please


– do not attach live photos
– med res jpgs are best
– if the submission is glitching please email photos directly instead of attaching
– to mila@legends.cafe
– your full name as the SUBJECT

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