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We are looking for women and female-identifying athletes/people that are strong in weight/hiit/strength training, running, or yoga.

Applicants do not need to be strong in all three categories.
All sizes, all ethnicities. Age 18-30.

Shoot date is tbd, client is building out their database for this category.
Rate with this client is usually $2500-$3000
The submission due date is Nov 1 at 6pm.

In addition to filling in this form please EMAIL us your photos and videos (via wetranfer link)(instructions below) to mila@legends.cafe

– full body photo in workout gear (shorts and tank or sports bra)(or whatever feels comfortable)
– face photo neutral and one face photo smiling
– a few activity photos
photo guidelines:
– take photos with iphone or similar
– take the photos outside against a plain backdrop like a garage door or wall
– wear neutral tones, no prints
– no hat, no jewelry, no makeup, no eyelashes, no accessories

– take an intro video with your iphone introducing yourself, sharing your training, running or yoga history.
“hi my name is mila, im 36 years old, i practice yoga, ive been a teacher for 6 years, my specialty is very bendy and i also run 18 times a week”
– take the video with the iphone or similar

– rename all your files, photo and video with your full name
– send the videos in ONE FOLDER via WETRANSFER

thank you

– categories that the client is specifically interested in is weight/hiit training, running and yoga/stretch
– no worries if you dont have an agent
– if yes, which one? If you don’t know then you are not 🙂 and leave this blank
– this is a word that functions as a reference for a person. In English, it is gendered – he/him or she/her being the most binary options. In recent years, many folks have started using gender neutral pronouns like they/them. (text by Lauren Sundstrom)
– the size you buy at the store
– the size you buy at the store

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