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We are casting for guys that are intermediate/advance level runners and/or strength trainers/weight lifters, and the like.

Pay for this job is $2500-3000 for a 10 ish hour day
Shoot dates have not been released as they are looking to boost their roster of athletes for all their shoots are have not scheduled the specific shoots.
The category is athletic/leisure.
Location is in Vancouver, greater Vancouver, and open to ppl within a 4 hour driving radius.

Non-binary folks that would feel comfortable wearing the “mens” collection should apply if they want to as well, as should male-identifying non-binaryfolks.

If you have videos of you performing, please email them separate of the submission to mila@legends.cafe
Subject of the email should read: PROJECT STRONG: YOUR FULL NAME

Thank you!

*file name of the photos you attach should be your full name

measure the circumference of your neck
measure the circumference of the widest part of your chest
suit sizing like you would find in a store 34,36,38,40,42 etc
measure the circumference of your waist at your bellybutton
size of pants you buy at the store 🙂
if you dont know please go to a store and try some on 🙂
(you do not have to have experience in all the mentioned activities, just a intermidiate level in some of them 🙂 or one of them 🙂


* hack * take a screengrab of the photos and upload the screen grab instead of the full resolution*
– Smiling portrait, neutral portrait, and profile
– Full body shot front, side, back
– Tank top and shorts
– running/training shoes
– No hats/no jewelry
– Natural light
– Plain background
– Any camera is fine, no professional shots please


– do not attach live photos
– med res jpgs are best
– if the submission is glitching please email photos directly instead of attaching
– to mila@legends.cafe
– your full name as the SUBJECT

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