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We are currently casting for people of all genders that have history with competitive rowing.

AGE: 19-25

Applicants can be from anywhere in Canada
The shoot is taking place in Vancouver

RATE: $2500-$3000 per 10 hour day
plus %20 af if applicable

The photoshoot is taking place one day between Jan 29 – Feb 2
Applicants must be open to book in this range.

How to apply:

1) fill in the below form
2) email an intro video to hello@legends.cafe
subject of your video needs to be your full name + project row row
video to be of you saying:
– your name, age, height, location
– then talk about your experience with rowing competitively
– the length of time youve been rowing for
– the club/group/team you are a part of
– then turn your head to one side and turn back to the camera

january 5 at 12noon
*but please apply asap as we are sending the candidates to the client as they come in

thank you <3

URL link please
are you signed with an agency?
if not, don’t worry about this field
if not, don’t worry about this field
if not, dont worry about this field
if you dont know please go to a store and try some on 🙂
measure the circumference of the widest part of your chest
pants you buy at the store
is there anything else you would like us to know about your measurments?
are you available January 29 – Feb 2?
are you age 19-25


* hack * take a screengrab of the photos and upload the screen grab instead of the full resolution*
– Smiling portrait, neutral portrait, and profile
– Full body shot front and side
– Tank top/t-shirt and pants/jeans
– Flat shoes
– No makeup
– Hair down
– No hats/no jewelry
– Natural light
– Plain background
– Any camera is fine, no professional shots please


– do not attach live photos
– med res jpgs are best
– if the submission is glitching please email photos directly instead of attaching
– to mila@legends.cafe
– your full name as the SUBJECT

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