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Legends Cafe is in search of a dancer to star in a photo/video shoot campaign for a local tech/fashion brand. There will be an interview/storytelling portion of the campaign in which the dancer will be speaking on their heritage, history with dancing, and their relationship with Lunar New Year and the culture surrounding it. The dancer will also be choreographing a dance that portrays their relationship to Lunar New Year and their dance/heritage culture.

We are looking for this person to have a social following and/or accolades in dance/entertainment, or be a part of a academy/club/school or a dance organization.

AGE: 20-40 SIZE: xsmall – small medium UNION: non union
ETHNICITY: Chinese American or Chinese Canadian

LOCATION: – British Columbia ideally, if from somewhere else, they would cover their own travel to vancouver (canadian work permit regardless of where they are)

DATES: shoot travel and date is between NOV 8-15 with a fitting on NOV 7 (pending talent avail) RATE: +20% af if applicable

Choreo $900 CAD for dance
Rehearsal / fitting fees: $60/hr
Shoot day rate: $1200
Travel day rate: $400

USAGE: – Arc’teryx Academy website(s), Arc’teryx website, Arc’teryx social media channels, third-party/partner websites, PR, e-newsletters, printed materials, online and printed advertising, and retail installations including Arc’teryx locations and third-party retail locations. At Arc’teryx’s (Global, 2 years)

APPLICATION PROCESS: *deadline oct 26 8pm

  1. Please fill in this form
  2. Send us a wetransfer that contains the following:
    A) Introduction video about you.
    Say your name, age, location then tell us
    –  How do you connect with Lunar New Year/Chinese New Year?
    –  Tell us about your dance choreography process?
    –  What do you do when you have to overcome a challenge?
    –  Was there any particular time you wanted to stop dancing or change direction?Tell us about it
    –  Who inspires you?
    –  What is it about dance do you love?
    –  What was your new year resolution this year?

B) A few videos of you performing (no links, just downloadable videos)
*** send the wetransfer to mila@legends.cafe with your full name as the message

Please let us know if you have any questions, or if you would like more information.
Thank you, Legends Cafe team

– no worries if you dont have an agent
– if yes, which one? no worries if not
size in stores
size in stores

please upload web size photos

not high res
no tiff
no raw
wear tank and tights
no accessories

please also send us a wetransfer

to mila@legends.cafe
– intro video
– a few downloadable videos of you dancing
– any amazing photos of you dancing
– family photos
– anything you’d like really that tells us about you

full instructions are above the form 🙂

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