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Legends Cafe is in search of a father & daughter duo for a one day stills photoshoot between the dates of Nov 14-16.

FATHER AGE: 35-50 years old
DAUGHTER AGE: 4-8 years old

LOCATION: photoshoot will take place in Vancouver BC 
open to applicants from Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton, or anywhere within 2ish hours of Vancouver proper.

DATES: one day shoot between Nov 14-16 – weather hold
RATE: +20% af if applicable
Father $850 
Daughter $550

USAGE: stills only, 1 year, digital only, global
* the category is telecommunications with a market predominantly in China

APPLICATION PROCESS: *deadline Nov 2 at 8am *strict

  1. Please fill in the application form and attach a few photos of you guys together to the form
  1. Send us a wetransfer with an introduction video filmed together.
  • Say your names and ages
  • Tell us what your favorite activities to do together are
  • Do you like building things together?
  • Do you like doing art together? 
  • Do you enjoy the outdoors together? 
  • How do you connect throught activity?
  • then end the video with showing us your hands 🙂

*** send the wetransfer of videos to mila@legends.cafe with dads full name as the message

Please let us know if you have any questions, or if you would like more information. 

We would like to add that the photographer on this project is v talented, and the day/photos will be fun and beautiful.

Thank you,  Legends Cafe team 


vancouver, whistler, squamish etc etc
do you guys have an agent/agency?
email addy of your agent, if you have one
tell us a little bit about you guys!
what do you guys do for fun/hobbies/to connect
where do you do what you like to do?
would you be open to your home being the location?
if yes then please tell us a little bit about your home
please let us know if you have any allergies

please attach 4-6 photos of you guys together

a few photos where we can see you head to toe, and a few of you guy having an adventure together!

please also send us an intro video via wetransfer

we would like both father and daughter in the video, saying their names, ages, heights, and tell us about how you like to connect through adventure, activity, hobbies, sports, and or art

send the video to mila@legends.cafe
in the subject note “PROJECT PAPA and your full names”

the form often takes a few minutes to *send*
keep this window open until you see the “thanks for your submission” message


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