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We are casting real runners for a technical watch commercial. Its cool trust me 🙂

Your running experience can be any level as we are looking for some mild level and some extreme level.

Shoot is on Sept 30th and/or Oct 1
Rate is $2750+af
Submission due date for adult applicants is September 15 at 6:00pm
Submission due date for youth applicants is September 16 at 6:00pm

In addition to filling in this form please EMAIL us your photos and videos (via wetranfer link)(instructions below) to mila@legends.cafe

– full body photo in running gear (shorts and tank or sports bra)(or whatever feels comfortable)
– face photo neutral and one face photo smiling
photo guidelines:
– take photos with iphone or similar
– take the photos outside against a plain backdrop like a garage door or wall
– wear neutral tones, no prints
– no hat, no jewelry, no makeup, no eyelashes, no accessories

– take an intro video with your iphone introducing yourself, sharing your running history, any accolades, how you train, and what you would describe as lunacy in running.
“hi my name is mila, im 36 years old, my running history is train running in north van and running on every vacation as a way to get to know the land. i ran the bmo half in 2019, my training regime is to listen to my body. lunacy in running to me is that euphoric feeling after a run when you get into your car and you are floating.”
– take the video with the iphone or similar
– take another video of you running (compile a 60 second video of you running different speeds and zones, and must include a section of you SPRINTING)

– rename all your files, photo and video with your full name
– send the videos in ONE FOLDER via WETRANSFER

adult deadine is sept 15 at 6pm
youth deadline is sept 16 at 6pm

thank you

– this field is for the role of YOUTH RUNNERS (we are casting them in groups)
– no worries if you dont have an agent
– if yes, which one? If you don’t know then you are not 🙂 and leave this blank
– this is a word that functions as a reference for a person. In English, it is gendered – he/him or she/her being the most binary options. In recent years, many folks have started using gender neutral pronouns like they/them. (text by Lauren Sundstrom)
– the size you buy at the store
– the pant size you buy for yourself
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