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$1800 – $2500
photoshoots are taking place in vancouver throughout 2024

we are taking applications from all over canada
as well as people from the USA

you must have a valid work permit/visa or be dual if you are applying and you live in the USA

please also send us a email with a self taped video saying your name, age, height, agency, and what you sport is 🙂
and a few photos of you being cool and crazy climbing, hiking, running, skiing, snowboarding

if you don’t have an agent thats ok!

if you want to apply for multiple options please specify your experience in “about me” field
what is your agency, who is your agent
have you been in ads for tech/outdoor/sport brands before?
do you have any e-comm experience?
if yes to either of the above, please describe here
guardian email address if under 19 y.o.
what do you do? why do you do it?
measure the circumference of the widest part of your chest
size of pants you buy at the store 🙂
measure the circumference of your hips
will you also send via wetransfer a slate/intro video and lifestyle photos to mila@legends.cafe
are these photos taken on the day of your application?
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