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We are in search of 2 cool humans age 20-30 for a footwear photo and video shoot taking place in vancouver. All ethnicities, all bodies, all genders. Shoe size is the only limitation. 

“womens” 7&9
“mens” 9&11 

RATE: talent will be booked for 2 shoot days
$75/h fitting
$1200 per day per person + %20 af if applicable
10-12 hr days in studio

USAGE: Stills + Video, Online only, 12 months

July 24 casting kickoff 
July 26 8pm deadline for submissions
July 28 casting presented
July 31 casting confirmed 
Aug 4 fitting 2 hours
Aug 9&10 production takes place

1. fill in this form + make sure to attach very recent digitals to the form that are an honest representation of what you currently look like
* bonus points * digitals taken the day you apply

– neutral and a smiling portrait
– full body front, front and ¾ view 
– attach a few lifestyle photos of you lookin dope and cool
– no live photos

2. Email us a short self tape via wetransfer
* to mila@legends.cafe
* wetranfer message: your full name + PROJECT ALTO
– say your name, age, shoe size, height and your cool plans this summer
– film it vertical head to toe
– this is for a shoe company so show your feet
– no blue backdrops/screens  – wear a pair of high tops if you can

* if you’d like to send us more photos feel free to include them in this folder as well

thank you!

if you have an agency (if not no prob)
the url to your portfolio on your agencies website
applicants age 20-30 only please
measure the circumference of the widest part of your chest
Womens size 7 and 9 only and mens size 9 and 11 only


* hack * take a screengrab of the photos and upload the screen grab instead of the full resolution*
– Smiling portrait, neutral portrait, and profile
– Full body shot front, side and back
– Tank top or sports bra, shorts, running shoes
– No hats/no jewelry/natural makeup
– Natural light
– Plain background
– Any camera is fine, no professional shots please


– do not attach live photos
– med res jpgs are best
– if the submission is glitching please email photos directly instead of attaching
– to mila@legends.cafe
– your full name as the SUBJECT

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