$2k per model
Usage is for one year and is web, email, paid ads, paid and organic social media and print is in the wholesale guide.

Female Model Requirements: 
– age 25-35 (open to younger if they look older, we go for a natural look with makeup so want to make sure the female models don’t look too young)  
– fills our jeans well  
– 25-28 waist  “
– ideally, 5’10 minimum height (inseam 31″)  
– strong/ unique features  
– defined physicality  
– minimum 3 years of ecomm experience

Male Model Requirements: 
– age 25-35  
– minimum 3 years of ecomm experience  
– fills out jeans well  
– defined physicality  
– strong / unique features  
– not overly manicured  
– defined legs/glutes  
– waist size 31-33 

NOTE: looking for 2 types of male models:
1 male model (relaxed fit) 
When we say relaxed, it specifically means muscular legs/ bottom. Our goal with this model is to showcase a different body type who is likely to purchase the relaxed fit. Both male models should be in the 31-33 waist range and be minimum 6′. 

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